UdG creates corporate attention to social problems

For students at the University of Guadalajara graduated as social mediators in vulnerable areas

As part of an alliance between South American organizations, American, European and Asian, the University of Guadalajara through the University Center for Economic and Administrative Sciences (CUCEA), created the first corporate attention to social problems, which is expected to start operating at the beginning of 2015 and is fully established in 2016, governed by the Leading Study Jalisco.

The teacher Oscar Felipe García, coordinator of Human Capital and Social Innovation CUCEA, unveiled the project as part of the graduation ceremony of a hundred people, two international riders courses: "Training of mentors for youth development socially responsible entrepreneurs "and" Diploma in social addiction prevention and risk factors ", which was attended by students and professionals, who specialized as social services for vulnerable areas mediators this as a work of CUCEA in coordination with the DPP State.

"Diploma in social addiction prevention and risk factors," was given to young people from strategic areas of the State, in which he included the regions of Los Valles and North of the state, both have rates of high consumption drugs in children, as well as young people with risk factors, such as suicide or the incidence of criminal groups. This program was raised since 2012, and along with the corporate plans to be an ongoing activity of the university.

Felipe García pointed out that next week, in Medellin, Colombia, with different institutions included in this project will come together to strengthen the project that joins the Veracruz University.

"It is the first network of its kind that integrates state institutions, academic and social, which will not only be a means of research but a network that will address social problems," said the academic at the Ministry of Health is attached Mexico.

The program will be attached a series of conferences and joint research and an endorsement by the University of California in the United States, which will seek to replicate the model nationwide.

"We want the citizens to achieve back to society, something that has been given. If we have people with education that will achieve the creation and with one, and mental both physical health, we can make a country more prepared and competent human capital, after all. "


Fotografía: Francisco Vázquez