The International Programme for Social Innovation leads management systems and educational environments for the development of human talent with high impact. Since its foundation has carried out the following training programs, structured according to their areas of work:

Social innovation management, prevention and development

  • Training Course on Management and Social Innovation. (Basic, intermediate and advanced).
  • International Course on Social Innovation
  • Hemispheric Project for the development of childhood, adolescence, Youth and Family. COMPASS. 2015
  •  Training for the development of social leadership skills.
  • International Course for the care of families in special situations. (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level), in collaboration with the Training Centre of the World Family Corporation.

Social innovation and entrepreneurship development policies

  • Mentoring training course for youth social entrepreneurship.
  • Course in formulation, implementation and evaluation in social projects

Training mentors young entrepreneurs socially responsible

  • Course planning and project development for leaders of social organizations.


Social innovation, knowledge management and technology

  • Training Course on Social Mediation, with emphasis deprivation of liberty and social reintegration.
  • International Course in Knowledge Management social organizations.
  • Course in Social Education Financial
  • Knowledge Management and labor skills education

Social innovation, multiculturalism and human rights

  • Human development course and leadership in times of crisis.
  • Training courses Compass Methodology for the child and adolescent development.

Social innovation, addictions and violence

  • Training of Trainers Course in Addiction Counseling  in collaboration with the Organization of American States, OAS and agencies of the Federal Government responsible for addictions and mental health
  • Assessors course for Addictions Ministry, in collaboration with the Organization of American States, OAS and agencies of the Federal Government responsible for addictions and mental health.
  • International Course Research addictions and violence
  • Social Mediation Training, with emphasis on addictions and violence.
  • Diploma in social addiction prevention and risk factors.
  • International Course on addiction prevention for educators and social leaders in the north of Jalisco - Mexico.

Social innovation, international cooperation and sustainability

  • Management for International Cooperation
  • Consulting for knowledge and development for third sector organizations in Mexico and the Americas.
  • Networks course for development.

The training proposals are developed with innovative educational strategies, and are offered in the classroom and virtual classroom semi-modalities.