Development projects

1. Knowledge management and education for job skills

• Participation in the formulation and coordination of international cooperation project: training, evaluation and certification of addiction counselors in Mexico, Bilateral Project of the Governments of the United States of America, the Organization of American States. OAS and the Mexican Government. Pilot phase 2012-2014.

• Addiction prevention in population deprived of freedom. With the prosecution of social reintegration and the Ministry of Health of the State of Jalisco. Mexico 2014

• Training and certification of agents for the care of families in special situations. Ecuador. Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico. 2014


2. Human Development

• Hemispheric Project for the development of childhood, adolescence, Youth and Family. BRÚJULA. 2015


3. Social Entrepreneurship

• Formation of socially responsible mentors young entrepreneurs. 2014


4. Multiculturalism, Human Rights and Gender

5. Learning Technologies and Development

• Research in Knowledge Management and Learning and ICT.

• Organization of the Third Sector Organizations


6. Social Education Financial

7. Incubamiento Networks and Social Development

Consulting for know ledge and development for third sector organizations in Mexico and the Americas.


Cross-cutting issues

  • Public Policy
  • Human Rights
  • Gender
  • Subjective and Social Welfare
  • International Development Cooperation
  • Social Development
  • Social Mediation
  • Prevention and promotion of quality of life