In Jalisco, there are over one thousand organizations of civil society

The country has 32 000 257 organizations legally constituted and with unique registration key Federal Register of Civil Society Organizations of civil society. Of these, 143 thousand were registered until December 31 in Jalisco, said the teacher Bermeo Mauricio Mendoza, director of training, professionalization and Research Institute for Social Development, at the opening ceremony of the First Meeting Linkage Society Organizations civil, "Strengthening and training for obtaining funds from the federal government."

 The ceremony took place in the main auditorium of the University Center for Economic and Administrative Sciences (CUCEA). And the meeting is organized by the National Institute of Social Development (Indesol), the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESOL), the Jalisco Institute of Social Assistance (IJAS) and CUCEA, through the International Program for Social Innovation, which aims encourage and promote the development of initiatives to resolve social problems.

 Bermeo Mendoza stressed the importance of these organizations, because "every day, with government support, without either Despite this, in your municipality, neighborhood, community or neighborhood, organize permanent activities, commitment, work for population most in need. Daily show where necessary to improve a service that the government provides to the population and make it a work of constructive criticism ". He added that the least we can do from the government to support their initiatives.

 He stressed the importance of the government, citizens and civil society they can combine efforts to improve the conditions and quality of life of citizens. He said that in the country, about 7,000 projects submitted to the Social Conversion Program (PCS), last year were attended 642 thousand projects. "This year we expect to continue to support the initiatives of civil society."

On Thursday, officials from various branches of the federal public administration and the National Institute of Entrepreneurship (Inadem), the National Institute for Social Economy (INAES), the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), among others, announced the official offer with federal programs that transfer resources to the initiatives of the civil society.

 Workshops will be held on Friday, representatives of the organizations themselves to formulate and submit their projects properly and may have access to support and resources provided by the federal government.

 The opening of the meeting was given by the lawyer Gabriel González Delgadillo, director of the IJAS. He also led the ceremony on behalf of the teacher Jose Alberto Gutierrez Castellanos, Rector of CUCEA, Dr. Alejandro Campos Sanchez, Coordinator of Academic Services campus.

Texto: Martha Eva Loera

Fotografía: Cony Jiménez